Techart introduced a styling package to fulfill the wishes of potential Panamera customers who think that the design of the new super-sedan is too subtle.

Called GrandGT, the design of the bodycotype is inspired by the look of the 911 GT3. The package includes a front bumper with larger air vents and a sharper line, a carbon bonnet with a vent for ventilation and new side wings that increase the width of the seatbelt by 50 millimeters at the front and 80 millimeters at the rear.

The rear part gets a modified bumper with an implemented carbon diffuser, and there’s a new spoiler on the boot door. The car is mounted on large 22-inch wheels wrapped in 285/30 Tires forwards and 335/25 tires behind. They increase the contact surface of the standard model, while the dark color of the ferns highlights the aggressive nature of the GrandGT package.

Techart can also change the interior according to the taste of customers. The sample of the photographs is decorated with orange details that are of the same nuance as the paws of the brakes. It also offers a smaller and post-portable steering wheel.

The GrantGT body can be mounted on all Panamera performances, ranging from the primary to the top Turbo S E-Hybrid.